Jean-Paul Sartre once said…

A love, a career, a revolution. So many things which one starts without knowing the exit!

Sometimes the speed of events not only surpasses us, but it may also leave us in the previous epoch. Since the 26th of October we saw in Greece more than we could consume; The so-called Greek government reached a new loan agreement, the next day the people unexpectedly and spontaneously cancelled the circus like parades of October 28 (dedicated to the resistance of the Greek people against the Axis’s power) and in the aftermath of the aforementioned “hubris” we saw Papandreou announcing a referendum which although never happened did indeed change everything. Papandreou’s ostensibly desperate move on the one hand and the unprecedented humiliation of the Cannes on the other brought the entire Greek population in front of our responsibilities. One after the other all the masks are falling and luckily this does not concern only politicians and parties, but also citizens. In the following months all of us will have to choose sides for the alibi of the idiot, devious, crypto mason, reincarnated devil President of the Socialist International (Papandreou) does not exist anymore.

The Chinese claim that is a curse to live amid “interesting” times. What a naivety? In other words the folks from the Far East encourage us to wish to find everything “regular” in our lives; to be allergic to change. I know quite a few who share this view. They are those who wish the recession to stop; they are those who hope that through sky dropped investments (solar parks etc) quality of life will return to 2009 levels; they are those who pray Papademos’s government to “succeed”. In short they are those who insist acting as they are imperishable and amaranthine. What a pity, my friends. The only way to avoid seeing our brothers and lovers decaying is to cross Acheron (mythical poisonous lake who all the dead have to cross according to an ancient Greek myth) before them. Wake up, “Helen of Troy” now is nothing but an …old woman, so betting all on sagacity – fatalism at the end of the day does not pay well.

Many wonder why Greece did not see big rallies and demonstrations on November 17 (a special day dedicated to a limited students’ uprising in 1973 against the military regime which ruled the “cradle of democracy” between 19671974). Various explanations were given and to be honest I cannot claim that I am aware of the true cause. However, I will risk an assessment. According to my humble opinion the blatant blackmail “austerity or drachma”, even temporarily, had an effect. Greeks are worried for their bank deposits, they refuse to risk further their already cut salaries, they are afraid of the unknown and they tremble before the prospect of isolation. The rationale which says “better bad than worse” seems to work, at least for now. As far as I am concerned, I remain optimistic although revolution never was causality. Had this been the case the “enemy”, which is considered wiser, would have never followed the tactic it follows. To make it simple, if austerity was always followed by revolution then it would have never been applied. To make it even simpler, if Raichenbach (German advisor based in Greece; he is largely considered as our proconsul) and his associates hope and pray not to face enough reaction from our side, thus the future is also in our hands.

In this regard, we do not live amid “indifferent” times and “fortunately” we do not know where we are heading. Our “revolution” may pay off in the same way Onasis’s business acumen did, or it may lead to a bitter end just like the one Romeo and Juliet’s affair had. From now on, every day is an ambivalent battle with Fear, which according to Sartre, is the raw material of subordinate citizens. The final question however is associated both with the object of the Fear and the subject of the new Polity whose nature remains inconceivable for my humble mind. See you soon.

See you again approximately after two weeks

Jean-Paul Sartre Πωλ 

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